Where can I buy an Alta Moda lounge?

Please visit the Where to Buy page of this site for a list of authorised Alta Moda dealers.

Why is Italian leather better than leather from elsewhere?

Italian leather is often considered the best leather money can buy. Sought after for its durability, suppleness, and richness of colour. This esteemed reputation is so pervasive it commands a higher price and is the exclusive choice of many famous designers and international fashion houses.

Italian leather is still prepared by hand using time-honoured techniques passed down through generations, resulting in exceptional colour and texture. Many Italian tanneries use natural dyes which can take up to a month to absorb. The process can be much slower than modern techniques but produce richer tones that will last longer and have almost zero environmental pollutants.

How do I know that my lounge is full leather?

At Alta Moda we never use splits or synthetics when crafting our lounge suites. Tell-tale signs of poor quality can often be found at the back of a lounge where excessive blemishes, different textures or mismatched colour tones can appear. We use thick, sumptuous leather on all parts of our lounge, even those you can’t see such as in between the cushions and on the back of the lounge.

What are Alta Moda’s lounge frames made from?

We use fir wood, multi-layered MDF, metal, or a combination of these materials to construct our lounge frames. Fir wood is a superior timber compared to pine in terms of stability and strength. Fir is less prone to warping, it will expand and contract as it absorbs moisture but always returns to the same shape. This is a prized quality for carpenters as under the same conditions pine swells and twists out of shape. We select fir so the frame has flexibility, adding to the overall comfort of your lounge.

All of the wood we use is sourced from sustainable, environmentally conscious and certified suppliers. The wood is carefully selected and checked, then treated using non-toxic and environmentally safe materials.

We employ reinforced wooden blocks under each arm, the base, and under the back rest for superior structural integrity.

The support strap we use is Italian made and is wider than what you might find in other lounges. It is densely woven in a criss-cross fashion and fastened to the internal frame structure. This system provides even weight distribution and ensures the durability of both comfort and appearance in our lounges.

What fillings do you use in your seat and back cushions?

Alta Moda designers select from numerous high-density foams to best compliment each model. The determining factors for foam selection are based on the angle of the back cushion, the surface area of the seat, the thickness of the foams, and the overall aesthetic objective for that model.

The most suitable foams are selected to maximise your sitting experience. We use an eco-friendly polyurethane foam, produced in Italy using water-based techniques without any harmful polluting agents. This method results in a bacteria-free product that is safe for your home. Our foams also make use of the latest open-cell technology that allows for transpiring (transfer of moisture), mitigating the build-up of harmful mould.

All of our foams are tested and adhere to international standards for density UNI EN ISO 845 and compression UNI EN ISO 3386-1.

Who is Alta Moda?

Alta Moda is a leader in the design and manufacture of luxurious Italian leather lounges. Where others simply follow trends, we inspire with spectacular finishes, innovative design, and unparalleled attention to quality standards.

Our factory in Matera, southern Italy, has over thirty years’ experience in furniture craftsmanship, blending aesthetic innovation with observance of tradition.

What happens if something goes wrong with my lounge?

Alta Moda lounges are made of the highest quality materials and come with a warranty as outlined in the warranty section of this website. As with any high-end product, a degree of care is required to ensure that your lounge will last for a long time but in the unlikely event that your lounge develops a fault, please contact the authorised dealer from whom you made your purchase and they will guide you through the process of making a warranty claim.

How do I care for my Italian leather lounge?

We recommend that you take the following steps to ensure that your lounge can be enjoyed for many years.

  • Clean your lounge regularly using a dry method. A gentle, hand-held vacuum and dry cloth will take care of most day-to-day soiling but for light stains a slightly damp cloth can be used. Avoid excess moisture by following it with a dry cloth to absorb any leftover water. We do not recommend the use of chemicals in the cleaning of your Alta Moda leather lounge.
  • Maintain your Italian leather furniture with a light leather conditioner about once or twice a year. When choosing a leather conditioner, read the label and ensure that the product contains no silicone, alcohol, or wax. Lightly dampen a soft cloth and apply a few drops of conditioner to the cloth. Wipe down your leather furniture to condition it and then use a second lightly damp cloth to rinse.
  • Do not place your Alta Moda leather lounge in direct sunlight or near radiant heat sources. Direct heat penetration can permanently damage the leather.
  • We do not recommend covering your lounge with plastic. Leather needs to breathe and plastic coverings may bring about mildew growth and void your warranty.
  • We do not recommend that you allow pets to sit or climb on your Alta Moda lounge suite. Pet fur contains oils that can discolour and deteriorate the high quality leather used to upholster your lounge and pet claws can leave scratch or puncture marks that will detrimentally affect the look of the leather.